Wherever you Read, Abortion is in the Headlines

Who remembers Tim Russert and Florida, Florida, Florida?
Midterm 2022 seems to be abortion, abortion, abortion. And LIFE must win!

The Supreme Court’s elimination of legal protections for abortion has prompted months of speculation about how the ruling would affect the political landscape. Voters will provide some answers in Tuesday’s midterm elections, where the issue is in play across state ballots, shares The Wall Street Journal.

And Reuters reports that some senior White House officials have been second-guessing their messaging to voters around abortion in recent weeks, sources familiar with the matter said, as forecasts turned in Republicans’ favor in the run up to the midterm elections.

Students in Columbus at The Ohio State University are also making headlines with the interest in voting for the protection of life or voting for abortion on demand in Ohio. The life of preborn children is a driving issue for young voters in this election.

We will know on Wednesday (hopefully) how abortion and the slaughter of the innocents impacted this election cycle. We are praying the diabolical procedure being in the headlines with such frequency will have impact for the good of LIFE.

We are praying the midterm election is not only a red wave, but a wave for the preborn. VOTE FOR LIFE!