Here We Are Again

Your Vote Must Be For Life!

Here we are again. Another election with monumental consequences for preborn Americans. Depending on the election outcome in Ohio, we will have tens of thousands of babies saved in our state each year, or we will become another Illinois, California, or New York with the complete and total disregard for preborn human life. It is that simple. How you vote will directly impact lives.

While we can get caught up in the weeds of politics, we must humanize what we are dealing with when we vote. Your vote matters for LIFE.

Over the weekend I was at a Catholic women’s event in western Pennsylvania. During one of the breaks at the conference, a mom in her thirties began to pour out her story with me after I shared that I was from Cincinnati and I worked full-time defending life. This very pretty, stylish mom of three living children told me about her darling living kids, showing me adorable photos and describing why each one of her children were special. She then out of nowhere shared she had aborted two of her babies. “I killed them.”

Because of the many years I have been working in prolife, I was not shocked, but my heart instantly began to ache for my new friend as she shared her circumstances during the pregnancies that caused her to, as she said of herself, “murder my own children.” We hugged and we cried. Her pain is real and could be physically felt in the embrace, and her pain showed in a river of tears.

As always, it is complicated. As always, it is simple. The simplicity is, a preborn child is a human being that deserves to live. Plain and simple. It is complicated in that our society makes it seem as if you have a “hang nail,” or maybe worse, you have the right to poison, starve, and dismember your son or daughter and call it a choice. This was my new friend’s situation. People surrounding her during her pregnancies had complicated something so simple. The pressure from the culture and the legality of preborn child execution told her abortion was the answer. She is amazing and so were each of her preborn babies. My new friend grieves her loss horribly.

Luckily, this mom has recently rediscovered her Catholic faith. She was met with the most beautiful love and mercy at her church and led to the sacrament of confession. My new friend is in an abortion healing program. As directed by her good and holy priest, she has named her babies that are now in the arms of the Lord. She is on a healing path with the Lord and I am proud of her.

While we must serve moms in “crisis” pregnancies, there are situations like my new friend had. There are times that no amount of help offered can break the determination and pressure of a scared mom who has been bombarded by the lies of the culture. “Just get an abortion and everything will be fine.” Um, no, not so much. The pain and agony in my new friend is not fine. It is not fine her darling kids are missing siblings. It is not fine the gifts her aborted children would have brought to the world are missing. It is not fine at all.

Law teaches. We must, must, must make Ohio as pro-life as it can be. We must not ever again see an annual Ohio abortion report with over 20,000 slaughtered kids. We must not have abortion classified as “healthcare.” This is disgusting and a lie. Shame on anyone that says this.

Life is precious. Life deserves to be protected. Life deserves to be supported. Life deserves to be celebrated.

Your vote matters. Your vote saves lives. Your vote protects babies. Your vote protects women. Your vote must be for life.