Sex Trafficking and the Abortion Industry: Evil Twins

Have you seen Sound of Freedom? In a summer where classic blockbusters like Mission Impossible, Transformers, Spider-Man, and Indiana Jones were expected to create the buzz (and the earnings), the true-story of the sick and evil industry of child sex trafficking is the conversation of the summer.

Ranking number two in the box office draw with a limited number of theatres, is quite an accomplishment!  Is our culture waking up to the horror of the evil sex-slave cult and pedophilia that leads to abortion?

Is Ohio waking up to what the ACLU and Planned Parenthood
are trying to do to our beautiful state?
We must VOTE YES on Issue 1 to stop them!

“I was trafficked when I was 13 and got pregnant 6 times. I was always taken to a clinic by my trafficker and forced to have an abortion.”

The abortion industry works hand in glove with sex trafficking, as one aids and abets the other. Many are the victims of both hideous and dark industries. Read more testimony and the connection between these evils running rampant in our world.

Preliminary findings of American sex-trafficking survivors have been released. Read it and weep. Read it and pray. Read it and share with others. Read it and VOTE YES on Issue 1! We must protect Ohio from this horror.

report from Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost‘s office details that 20,617 people were declared missing in Ohio last year an increase of 1,603 individuals from the prior year. Of these missing people, 15,555 were children. In May, the U.S. Marshals recovered 35 missing children in northern Ohio after conducting a sting operation. According to the Ohio Star, these children were obviously at risk for sex-trafficking.

So all of this goes on in our state where over 20,000 pre-born children are slaughtered by abortion annually. If you think this is vile, what in the world will become of Ohio if the ACLU and Planned Parenthood achieve victory in August and November? To put this is perspective, our neighbors and friends in Kentucky and Indiana have outlawed abortion. Between the 2 states, this will amount to 12,000 fewer child sacrifices, almost half of Ohio’s reported total.

Ohio is a state of death, and the evil twins of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are trying their hardest to keep the blood flowing.

We hear of people that state they are “pro-life” but against Issue 1. Sorry, we are not sorry, this is just not possible. We must raise the voter threshold and align Ohio with 32 other states in regards to constitutional amendment law. We must protect Ohio from outside special interest groups attempting to deform our state. It’s abortion this year, but more horror will follow.

Please read this excellent explainer from our friends at
Columbus Right to Life.

You have permission to print and share far and wide! This is not a radical vote, it is common sense!

Our friends at have also created a flyer for use.

More friends from other groups that support VOTE YES on Issue 1

We MUST VOTE YES on August 8.
It is a non-negotiable to stop this Ohio horror story
and prevent even more abuse and killing
from entering our state.
Lord have mercy!

What else can you do?
Pray the rosary for Ohio!

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