The Radical Special Interest Groups Have Been Caught

Lies Upon Lies

From the radical out-of-state special interest groups fighting
Issue 1 and attempting to hijack Ohio’s constitution. 


For months, the ACLU and its allies have lied directly to Ohioans, claiming their dangerous ballot initiative is only about abortion and does not attack parental consent and notification requirements or apply to life-altering sex change surgeries. But the ACLU and its coalition members have made their extreme agenda crystal clear on social media: time and time again they have come out against parental rights and said sex changes are reproductive procedures. 

We must keep these destroyers and distorters out of Ohio!

Vote YES on ISSUE 1!

Early voting is OPEN at your county Board of Elections

Butler County, 1802 Princeton Rd Ste 600 Hamilton, OH 45011
Clermont County, 765 Riverside Dr. Batavia, OH 45103
Hamilton County, 4700 Smith Rd. Norwood, OH 45212
Warren County, 520 Justice Dr. Lebanon, OH 45036

Voting early, in-person allows CRTL and other organizations working on WINNING this vote, to know our people are turning out! If you are traditionally, a “vote-day-of-in-person” we are asking for this election, you VOTE EARLY and in-person! We can then work on getting others out to vote! THANK YOU!