Chemical Abortion on Trial

Chemical Abortion in the 5th Circuit and the Reality of Killing your Baby at Home

Please stop and read the testimony in the FEDERALIST

Reported in the NY Times, “A federal appeals court on Wednesday appeared prepared to rule that the availability of a commonly used abortion pill should be curtailed, showing skepticism of the decisions that the Food and Drug Administration has made about the drug.”

Chemical abortion now makes up over 50% of pre-born child killing in America, and in Ohio in 2021, almost 10,000 babies killed in abortion were starved from the drug mifepristone, the first chemical a woman takes when ending the life of her pre-born child after she has been “sold” an abortion. Ohio’s population is shrinking and the alarming abortion rate in our state contributes to the severe loss of life.

For details on what is at stake in the chemical abortion legal proceedings, read stories here and here.

From the Federalist, a story from a mom is shared after she wrote the reporter who shared news of the abortion pill on trial,

“Please tell my story, so other women do not make the same mistake I did.” 

The mom, revealing her pain goes on to share:

“Nobody even told me what would happen that day.
I mourn that baby.
I regret what I did with everything in me.”