Amicus Brief Filed By Friends

On March 20, 2023 a lawsuit was filed at the Ohio Supreme Court against the Abortion Ballot Initiative that was approved by Attorney General Dave Yost, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, and the Ohio Ballot Board. The original summary of why this action was taken can be read on our website, as well as where the case stands to date.

On Friday, an amicus brief was submitted by our friends mentioned above. Other organizations were also supportive of the action, requesting the state examine the decision made in regards to the language on the ballot petition.

In the amicus brief, supported by the Thomas More Society as special counsel, and submitted by northern Ohio attorney Eugene Canestraro, it is affirmed that the proposed ballot measure to ammend the Ohio Constitution to enshrine abortion in Ohio, all nine months and for any reason, is not worthy to gather signatures.

Two points are made in proof of this. First, “logrolling” where non-controversial matters such as miscarriage care and other matters, will confuse people signing the petition.

“Though the Proposed Amendment attempts to link all of the practices it lists under the capacious phrasing of “reproductive decisions,” the practices could not be more different.  The list begins with “contraception,” a term that can be understood to include abstinence or natural family planning. And in any event, the point of most contraceptive measures is to prevent, rather than terminate, a pregnancy.”

The other point made is the language being so broad, it will open a door for a variety of questionable practices.

“It is by no means clear that the Proposed Amendment excludes from its scope a right to engage in other activities that affect reproduction, such as gender transition treatment, gender reassignment surgery, sterilization, and genital mutilation.”

We remain cautiously optimistic about the case as well as in our Ohio Supreme Court. We must stop this atrocious proposition by the for-profit abortionists in our state. Abortion is not healthcare, it is the intentional killing of an infant child in the womb. With every abortion in Ohio, we lose a part of our most precious resource, our citizens, our unique and unrepeatable people that make Ohio great. READ FULL AMICUS BRIEF