What are Ohio Lawmakers Doing to Stop This Evil?

400 Babies Died by Abortion this Week in Ohio! Roe has been overturned, there is no right to abortion at the federal level, yet Ohio lawmakers
have done NOTHING to END this deadly scourge in our state!

Excuses, excuses, excuses, pathetic excuses—all day long! And we have a Republican super majority in Ohio!
If you are a lawmaker reading this, what are you going to do? Where is the outrage from pro-life endorsed politicians? Are you protecting your citizens? Every day this happens, is a day you, the lawmakers, are responsible for this diabolical evil. You are.
We have bills written, pro-life leaders in the state have legislation ready to move. What is the hold up?
We don’t want to hear, oh the polling, oh, what Ohioans want, oh, we will make some angry. PATHETIC.
Tell that to the 50 sweet kids that were dismembered in Clifton this week! Think of the pain the babies felt as they were being pulled apart limb by limb and extracted from their mother’s warm womb.
Ohio IS a pro-life state with a super majority in The House and The Senate.


And we have the ability to end this today! What is your real plan to end abortion in the Buckeye State? Lord have mercy on us, and the whole world.

This is the truth on January 6, 2023 in a post-Roe Ohio.