We honor all who have fallen defending our great Nation

This Memorial Day, as we honor, recognize, and remember the sacrifices of so many who died to secure and defend our natural rights; let us not forget that the very rights they died defending are still being denied to tens of thousands of children
each week in America.

Let us not forget that in Ohio, each week at least 500 preborn babies are denied the right to life.

Let us not forget that Roe is over and fourteen states have ended abortion.

Let us not forget that Ohio’s Heartbeat Law was in place but because of an activist Hamilton County judge, it is on pause.

Let us not forget that Ohio waits for our state Supreme Court to hear the Heartbeat Law case and in the meantime, innocent preborn blood is shed every day in Ohio. 

Let us not forget our work began with the overturn of Roe, it did not end.

Let us not forget Ohio’s Constitution is under attack from the abortion industry.

Let us not forget that abortion is not healthcare, and we must work to defend our state consititution with a Vote YES on August 8!