The Plot is Unfolding in Michigan

Look North to Michigan to See the Plot Unfolding

When the proponents of Issue 1 began their Ohio misinformation campaign, (abortion is healthcare, women will die without abortion, you cannot get miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy care…blah, blah, blah…) pro-lifers sounded sirens, issued warnings, and began spreading truth as far and wide as possible. With out-of-state billionaires outspending Ohio pro-lifers by at least 10 to 1, and with the media partnering with the abortion industry to silence our fact-filled voices, pro-lifers have kept working and warning……AND….with the truth on our side.

Look north to Michigan to see what is unfolding this week. It is horrible and Ohio needs to be on notice that opponents of Issue 1 have been telling the truth all along, we just don’t have the media or the millions.

This week, we can look to Michigan as a foreshadowing of what the ACLU and Planned Parenthood dream of in Ohio. If not for one brave State Representative, Karen Whitsett (D), every single protection for women in Michigan would have been dismantled. Because Karen held-out, the 24-hour waiting period stayed in place as well as the laws keeping Medicaid funding unavailable for abortion in Michigan. (Gotta love a Karen!) The pro-aborts in Ohio dream of our tax-dollars funding the radical amendment.’

Back in September, when the Ohio dust had settled from the August election, the pro-life voices ramped up with their truth-telling and alarm-sounding. Dr. Michael Parker shared, “Their assertion that treatment for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriage is in danger without the amendment could not be further from the truth. These conditions are entirely different from elective abortion. I can care now for my patients with these conditions just as I always have.” 

Dr. Kathleen Lutter, another Ohio board-certified OB-GYN with 39 years of experience, called Issue 1 “an insult to me and to the women that I serve every day,” adding that “the abortion industry wants to talk about these non-issues because they don’t want you to know what their amendment is really about: an extreme agenda that legalized painful abortions up until birth and takes rights away from parents.”

Both esteemed physicians sounded the alarm on the medical misinformation. Has the secular media covered these truths?

Because of generous partners in Southwest Ohio, Cincinnati Right to Life was able to fund television and digital commercials in the last 10 days of the campaign. We hope you have seen the ads and shared on social media. We also shared the truth about late-term abortion. Has the media covered these facts?

Did the secular media cover the ambulance rushing to Martin Haskell’s Dayton abortion facility last week? The inventor and pioneer of partial-birth abortion has a history of women being rushed to the hospital from his abortion facility. Where is the media, sounding the alarm on this danger that would become the norm in Ohio?

We know in Ohio in 2022, 342 abortions past 19 weeks occurred. And we know facts about the frequency of late-term abortion due to conversions of doctors who performed these horrific procedures. This CANNOT become NORMAL in Ohio-we CANNOT become like Michigan!

But again, let us be warned by The Wolverine State, and what happened there this week.

Are we one Karen away from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood full-term, tax-funded, anti-parent and anti-safety disasters becoming law in Ohio?