The New American Hero: A Post-Abortive Mother

A hero in America is now a woman who dismembers her 20 plus week pre-born child.

Who are these notable heroic Americans and what do they have in common?

Mother Clara Hale: from Harlem, NYC, New York who cares for abandoned children
Lenny Skutnik: Federal Government employee who dove into the icy Potomac River after the Air Florida crash to save a woman
Jim Brady: former Reagan Press Secretary who was wounded in the 1981 attempt to assassinate President Reagan
Jack Lucas: Congressional Medal of Honor recipient who fought at Iwo Jima – Rosa Parks: Civil Rights pioneer
Christina Jones: flight attendant who helped thwart an attempt to detonate a “shoe bomb
Menchu Sanchez: A New York City nurse who cared for 20 newborn children during Hurricane Sandy
David Dahlberg: A fire prevention technician in southern California. He saved 62 children and staff members in July 2017 from a raging wildfire that encircled their camp.

All were guests of American presidents at State of the Union addresses. All SAVED LIVES and put others before self.

Who is Kate Cox? She is a Texas mother who was given a fetal diagnosis of Trisomy 18 for her in utero daughter. This past December, Katie Cox filed a lawsuit against Texas, seeking the right to an abortion due to her daughter’s diagnosis. After initially being granted permission for an abortion in Texas by the courts, a higher court overruled that decision and the abortion in Texas was denied. Katie Cox traveled out of state to abort her daughter past 20 weeks.

Kate Cox is also the invited guest of Joe Biden at his
State of the Union address on March 7,2023.

Cox is in the middle of a lawsuit against the state of Texas, challenging a state law preventing her from aborting her 20-week-old child, whom she claimed had Trisomy 18, a medical condition that causes structural abnormalities. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during a press briefing that the president and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden had invited Cox as a guest during the upcoming State of the Union on March 7.

“…the President and First Lady spoke to Kate Cox, who was forced to go to court to seek permission for the care she needed for a non-viable pregnancy that threatened her life,” Jean-Pierre said. “They thanked her for her courage and sharing her story and speaking out about the extreme abortion ban in Texas. The First Lady invited her to join her as a guest at the State of the Union and Kate accepted.” From

We now live in a world where a “Catholic” American President denies the humanity of preborn children and honors the painful dismemberment and disposal of the least among us.

Also recently, parents of children with Trisomy 18 have been speaking out in defense of their children whom they love and only know as being gifts to their families.

In an article published by the Detroit Free Press, multiple families of children with Trisomy 18 have said the Cox case has been hurtful and has further perpetuated negative stereotypes towards children with Trisomy 18 — who can live if they are given the chance.

“When I read the articles about the Kate Cox case, the language that was used to describe Trisomy 18 — “not viable,” “lethal,” “fetal anomaly with virtually no chance of survival” — it really impacted me,” Jewel Calleja said. “Because it’s false information.”

Another mom, Jennifer Lo Tiempo, was told her baby would not be able to breathe after birth; at birth, though, her son Danny was crying loudly. He’s now in third grade and thriving. “We were told that he would never even know who we are, that he would never know love,” Lo Tiempo said. “That is the most loving kid. He just knows love and he just knows happiness and I wouldn’t trade a single second.”

These families have begun fighting back, wanting to prove that the narrative — one perpetuated by Cox and the media — is wrong. Not only are their children capable of life, they are deserving of it.

Read about another family who received a compromised fetal diagnosis in LifeNews.

In a LIVE ACTION article, it was shared that research out of the University of Michigan’s Mott Children’s Hospital has revealed that by “taking an aggressive approach to treatment, 90% of babies born with Edwards syndrome (Trisomy 18) can go home from the hospital, and their five-year survival rate can reach close to 77%.” Trisomy 18 families in Michigan are frustrated at how Cox’s story has been portrayed by the media.

Cincinnati Right to Life recognizes it is a tender situation when a family receives a poor fetal diagnosis. Cincinnati Right to Life also knows undoubtedly that every child is created in the image and likeness of God and just by that mere fact, deserves extraordinary dignity. There is a wonderful organization, Be Not Afraid, that supports families as they journey with a unique diagnosis of their preborn son or daughter. We know that churches have support systems for families bearing the cross of a difficult prenatal diagnosis.

Each day, there are thousands of women and families that courageously endure whatever heartache and adversity they are dealt — even threats to their own health — for the dignity of their unborn children. Each day, thousands of families struggle to keep their preborn child alive and cherish each day they exist in the womb.

What does it say about our culture that we aren’t, instead, recognizing these brave families?

As we face the sad news of Kate Cox being a new poster child for the “reason” our culture “needs” abortion, we also deal with the fact the pro-aborts are using her as a political pawn and the new “Jane Doe” of abortion. This time the face of the “need” for abortion is on full display and celebrated as a hero and used for political gain ahead of the 2024 election.

Pro-lifers are being called “heartless” for being against the full painful, dismemberment of her 20-week baby. Pro-lifers are being told this is the sort of exception the movement should accept because revering the life of this baby causes political problems.

Pro-lifers do not have a political problem.

We have a problem with the culture that chants death to anyone and everyone for any reason. We have a problem with beheading, shredding, poisoning, and suffocating innocent pre-born babies. All to avoid “imperfection” and suffering.  

In the end, it is through abortion that an innocent child experiences the worst type of suffering – extreme torture
from an abortionist & lack of tenderness from her mother.
The mother’s heart will never be the same.