NIH is Funding the Harvesting of Baby Body Parts!

From our friends at Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

The medical invoice enclosed is for human beings.

Specifically, the smallest, most vulnerable human beings among us.

They aren’t historical documents from a different time, centuries before. They aren’t from a distant Third World Country or someplace run by terrorists.

They are receipts for little pieces of aborted children, from right here in the United States, right now in the present.

The abortion industry has been caught red-handed chopping apart the children they have murdered and selling them for a profit.

It’s disgusting.

You can see it right under the product description from Advanced Bioscience Resources: “de-identified post-mortem human embryonic or fetal tissue material.”

That’s the twisted wordplay they have to use to justify their sick deviancy. What they’re selling, in plain human language, is baby body parts.

If you look on the opposite side of that invoice you will find a stomach-turning menu of the prices they charge for these infant body parts.

Just $375 for a piece of a second trimester baby. They’ll even throw in the umbilical cord for $550, then pack it in dry ice for another $80. They can have it all to you by Saturday for another $170.

For the $10,000 on that invoice, they bought a lot of dead, aborted babies.

What makes this even worse is that your tax dollars are involved here.        

You see, this lab is a National Institute of Health (NIH) contractor. The Survivors have investigated and were  able to receive the invoices obtained through the California Records Act.

According to another contract from NIH, the University of California San Francisco is required to “obtain the necessary human fetal tissues for use under contract, consistently and reliably.”

And that is where things go from bad to worse.

To meet that quota “consistently and reliably,” they are coercing young women into aborting and giving away their perfectly healthy children. I repeat, there was nothing wrong with these babies.

Contractually, there can’t be anything wrong with the baby for them to sell his or her body parts.

And they are killing these children in an especially barbaric way, even more cruel than typical for an abortion.

Sometimes the babies 18 to 24 weeks old are even born alive before they are killed, either harvested while alive or drowned in a medical solution bag.

The pro-life movement has taken some tough losses nationwide since Roe V. Wade was overturned. But if we can’t get people to band together to stop this, what can we stop?

That is why I hope you will click the link and sign Stop NIH Funding of Harvesting Baby Body Parts so we can collect them and send them to Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to put an end to this madness.

There is a Frankenstein element to what is going on at UCSF as well. They are taking these human baby parts and engrafting them on to lab mice.

The body parts are going to labs which buy up mice, then weaken their immune systems with blasts of radiation. They then transplant the human tissue from the babies into the mouse, “humanizing” the mouse, and then use them to study immune response to human-specific diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Obviously to do this, they need the body parts of healthy children. And that is why these particular abortions are especially heartbreaking.

 Typically when a tragic abortion is committed, a lethal injection of a drug called Digoxin is used on late-term fetuses which ensures the baby is dead before he or she is removed from the mother’s womb.

They do this so there is no risk of a banned Partial Birth Abortion or the baby being born alive, resulting in a legally actionable homicide on an infant.

In fact, when an abortion is committed at these late gestational ages without the use of Digoxin, the baby is born alive about half the time.

And so Survivors is confident that about half of the fetal body parts being sold out of this UCSF lab are from children who were born alive.

It is revolting, the whole sordid business.

UCSF is even exploiting the mothers, getting their consent for this by getting them to sign off on donating the “tissue” to scientific research.

No one tells them that their baby will be born alive, dismembered in the most painful way possible, then have their body parts grafted onto lab mice.

Again, if we can’t stop this from happening – – preventing an abortionist from ripping a beating heart from of a baby’s chest – – what can we stop?

Abortion is a stain on our great country, a grave sin that our nation has committed over 60 million times now. But what is happening at UCSF is the worst of the worst, the type of abomination that would put you in the 9th circle of Dante’s hell.