The Mayor of Cincinnati Doubles Down on the Killing of Preborn Children in the Queen City

From the steps of City Hall in downtown Cincinnati, 72 hours after Roe was overturned, the Mayor of Cincinnati, Aftab Pureval stated “Our Supreme Court, Congress and state legislature have failed us. Local officials must do whatever we can to protect the women of our communities. It is not my job to make it easier for the state legislature and governor to drag women back to the 50’s and strip their rights, it’s my job to make that harder, and with today’s announcements, we are fighting back.”

Cincinnati City Council member Meeka Owens shared “Personal testimony here: I’ve known people who have gotten abortions. I personally have had to make that choice in my life, too. And, so, I know the power of what choosing means.”

As is so often the case, post-abortive men and women rally for unborn children being dismembered or poisoned. It is always heartbreaking to hear the testimony of these individuals that now advocate for the demise of other people’s unborn babies. Let us pray.

Watch the press conference