Ohio’s 2021 Grim Abortion Report Finally Released

ANOTHER Ohio Abortion Increase

Fewer Abortions in Hamilton County While Montgomery and Summit Counties Skyrocket

Breaking-Just today the Ohio Department of Health released the 2021 abortion statistics for the state.

For two consecutive years Ohio has seen an increase in abortions. In 2020 the violent procedure increased by three percent and in 2021 the number was even more gruesome with a six percent increase statewide.

The total number of Ohio preborn child executions totaled 21,813 in 2021, which represents an increase of 1,208 poisonings and dismemberments. The number of Ohioans that lost their lives in 2021 could fill Heritage Bank Center on Cincinnati’s riverfront combined with Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center for the Arts. (As well as a few hundred additional people) 

Every part of the Ohio abortion report is revolting and diabolical. What is especially disturbing is the statistic that reports 538 children under 18 were taken to facilities to abort their preborn children. Children killing children. 

The other statistic that brings streams of tears is the report of 156 big babies that were violently dismembered and torn apart past 21 weeks gestation. This procedure is particularly disgusting and inhumane. Lord have mercy on us and the whole world.