Activist Judge Jenkins Extends Order Blocking Ohio’s Life-Saving Heartbeat Bill

Planned Parenthood on Auburn Ave in Cincinnati as well as the other abortion facilities in Ohio will continue to legally dismember and poison preborn children up to 20 weeks gestation through October 12, possibly longer. 

Judge Christian Jenkins officially extended the pause on Ohio’s Heartbeat Law through mid-October. This decision by one judge extends the death sentence for babies with heartbeats, brains, arms, legs, spines and of course their entire beautiful anatomies. 

The for-profit abortion businesses argue the Heartbeat Law violates protections (gulp) in the state Constitution guaranteeing individual liberty and equal protection. “The record makes it abundantly clear that SB 23 is inflicting, and will continue to inflict, serious and irreparable harm on Ohioans absent injunctive relief,” said Jessie Hill, an attorney for the abortionists.

“Through the pause of the Heartbeat Law, the infliction happening is to preborn children who are violently dismembered and to the mothers who regret their deadly abortion decision. The irreparable harm that comes from abortion are the missing citizens of our nation that were never given a chance at life. In every abortion a child dies and a mother becomes the parent of a dead son or daughter. Science proves this. Judge Jenkins clearly cares more about pleasing his pro-death party platform and the abortionists, than he does for women and children.” shared Laura Strietmann, Executive Director of Cincinnati Right to Life.

There is another hearing on the Heartbeat Law on October 7 in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. Cincinnati Right to Life and Dayton Right to Life are planning a protest on this day. Please sign up for our email notifications to receive information on the exact time and location of this event that will peacefully and legally stand for preborn children.

We must be a voice for the voiceless. Over 20,000 babies die annually by abortion in Ohio. We must continue to pray and fast for the preborn and for our laws and lawmakers in Ohio.