Maison DesChamps: Following God’s Calling is not Always a Safe Path

“I had no money, I had no influence but I knew I had to do something.” Maison’s reaction to realizing the horror of abortion is relatable to many. However, Maison did something many people do not do: he actually had the courage to quit his job and become a full-time pro-life activist. How is he doing that? By doing what he knows well: climbing.

Maison, otherwise known as the Pro-Life Spiderman, now climbs skyscrapers (without a harness!) raising awareness about the horror of abortion full-time. He often gets arrested at the top, which he then explains allows him to evangelize in the jail cell. 

“We are called to live in faith, not in fear”, said Maison during an interview with Tucker Carlson. This courageous young man has climbed towers in Washington D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and many more cities, often raising awareness for, a pro-life charity that helps women choose life through financial support during crisis pregnancies. Maison’s work has saved numerous lives, and is undoubtedly changing hearts and minds about killing infant children in the womb.

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