Immediate Action Needed – Call Your State Rep

Big Week for Court Battles
Against Abortion


Immediate Action Needed TODAY!

A decision by the US Supreme Court is expected on Wednesday on the abortion pill case from Texas, while the Ohio Supreme Court will rule any day on the challenge to the pro-abortion ballot initiative.

Please tell your Ohio representative to protect the Ohio constitution from deceptive amendments by passing HJR1

Out of state billionaires are planning on buying a spot on the Ohio ballot come November. Their goal: to forever change the Ohio constitution by deceiving the people of Ohio into accepting abortion on demand. Amazingly, in Ohio, well-funded lobby groups can come in with tens of millions of dollars and hire circulators to gather signatures to put their pet issue on the ballot. Right now, it is the right to abortion, which a coalition of liberal billionaires led by the Governor of California are attempting to force on the good people of Ohio.

The only way to defeat the manipulation of the process, and protect the Ohio constitution, is to make it harder to amend the constitution through the ballot process.

The time to do it is NOW, while there is still a constitution left to preserve! Legislators in Ohio have introduced HJR1 to do just that. This resolution by the Ohio legislature would call a special election in August to ask Ohioans to amend the state constitution and require 60% of the people to agree on constitutional amendments.

This is a crucial effort and we hope you will help by
contacting your legislators.