Good bye Roe!

Roe and Casey are History!
Let us Begin to Build a
Culture of LIFE!

Today is a day to rejoice, and to grieve. Today is an ending and a beginning.

After 49 plus years of the legalized execution of preborn children in America, in all nine months for any reason, today is the day we begin to respect the unborn once again, in the greatest country in the world. God bless America and all of the born and unborn in our nation.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” as our founding fathers wrote, has been ignored since January 22, 1973. Since that terrible day, over 63 million children never had the chance to live the American dream. How many ballerinas, doctors, teachers, lawyers, construction workers are we missing? “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start.” -Justice Alito

Our world is forever damaged and we must all now work to right this wrong. Let us lead with mercy, love and empathy and may we console all who made an abortion decision and live with the pain and suffering. Those children will never come back on this side of life but we can honor their loss by caring for women in unexpected pregnancies as we work to heal our nation and honor all life.

To quote former abortionist Dr. Steve Hammond, “I’m guilty of killing over 700 innocent lives-the only difference between me and a hardened criminal is society winks at what I did.” May we wink no more.

We thank all who have been in this battle for so many years and we now request the greatest prayers for peace, love and hope. Let us never forget Dr. Jack Willke and his wife Barbara. Greater Cincinnati Enquirer article on their work and the work of Cincinnati Right to Life. 

We count on our life warriors as we move forward creating a culture of life! 

Laura Strietmann
Executive Director
Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati