Cincinnati Right to Life Banquet Speaker Sister Deirdre Byrne Responds to Cincinnati Nuns’ Personal Opinions Printed in Local Paper

Several weeks ago, a group of nuns in Cincinnati expressed their personal opinions about the abortionists’ proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution that would strip parents of their rights and permit radical abortion through nine months of pregnancy in Ohio. These local nuns, who are known for being out of step with authentic Church teaching, stated in their written piece:

“We are deeply concerned that recent legal and legislative efforts to criminalize abortion and block access to reproductive care threaten the lives and dignity of women. Abortion bans in Ohio and other states have made high-risk pregnancies even more dangerous. Black and Hispanic women, who often struggle to access quality medical care and suffer from higher maternal mortality rates, are disproportionately impacted by these punitive laws. Sadly, many politicians and religious leaders often promote these policies as “pro-life.”

Cincinnati Right to Life THANKS Sister Deirdre,
Sister Dede, for her wise and truthful words.

“Abortion is the ending of life (which scientifically proven begins at conception) of the most vulnerable in our society , The unborn.. it is a soft word for murder in the womb. We must not forget the cross mothers carry when they choose the option of abortion, the years that follow with heartbreaks and emotional disorder for realizing the fact that they had a hand in the death of their child. The pro-life effort is not to an organization that blocks healthcare but rather devotes oneself to ending the scourge of abortions (which in NOT healthcare). Pro-lifer’s encourage -that is, are life affirming.  

Those that promote abortions can akin themselves to what occurred in Nazi Germany when many were considered subhuman and therefore not worth saving due to inconvenience or whatever the reason..  Margaret Sanger, Foundress of Planned Parenthood, was an eugenist, wanting to contracept all who were considered undesirable. And sadly, the majority of babies murdered in en-utero are blacks and hispanics. The Legacy of PPH lives on … we as religious must follow how Christ would call us to live, choosing life not death. Deuteronomy 30:19