After Five Decades of Roe, Abortionists Say They Are Still ‘Ostracized’ by the Medical Community

Julie Burkhart, who worked many years ago with late-term abortionist George Tiller, recently appeared on MSNBC to discuss abortion after the fall of Roe v. Wade. But, in a new interview, she complained that despite nearly 50 years of Roe v. Wade, abortion still doesn’t garner any respect in the medical community.

Ali Velshi interviewed Burkhart about abortion today. He began by noting that, during a recent visit to Alabama, abortionists said they got little respect, something he said Tiller had complained of as well. “You often feel like you occupy the lowest rung of medicine, in terms of the way you’re treated by the outside world, but the highest rung when it comes to your patients who need reproductive health care,” he said. “Is that true?”

“I would say that that is absolutely true,” she responded, adding, “Within this realm of abortion provision, within reproductive rights, oftentimes physicians are ostracized from their own medical professions, they are ostracized politically, but Dr. Tiller … was absolutely correct, that the women who are coming in for procedures, the people who need procedures, they will tell you what is really in their hearts and what’s on their minds.”

But while the abortion industry has engaged in a near-deification of Tiller since his death, actual patient reviews tell a different story. Women have spoken of being coerced into abortions by Tiller’s staff, and treated with callous disregard. Ann Kristin Neuhaus, another of Tiller’s associates, had her license to practice medicine revoked due to a scheme she participated in with Tiller, rubber-stamping mental health forms for underage girls, claiming they were “suicidal” without ever conducting actual mental health evaluations.

Tiller also saw numerous young girls as clients, yet only notified police about an incidence of child rape once. There is also evidence to show that Neuhaus and Tiller were committing illegal abortions together. Susan Robinson, one of the few late-term abortionists in the country, has also said abortionists feel stigmatized. “If you do abortions, it is very hard to get the privilege to work in a hospital, because they don’t like abortion providers,” she said.

Warren Hern, another late-term abortionist, had similar complaints. “Increasingly, doctors have been made to feel irrelevant,” he said. Another abortion facility owner, Diane Derzis, said in an interview that even among abortion supporters, abortionists are seen as “dirty.”

Abortionists make a very lucrative living by taking innocent lives. Perhaps the reason the medical community shuns abortionists is because most doctors went into medicine to save lives, not take them. Live Action Article HERE!