Add Another Terrible Problem to the List

Tax-Funded Abortions

If opening the door in Ohio for pedophiles, sex-abusers and rapists wasn’t sickening enough, the ballot measure being proposed by Ohio abortionists, will also ensure that YOUR TAX DOLLARS pay to crush the skulls and dismember the smallest Ohioans.

In an article by National Review, it is pointed out: Subsection B of the proposed amendment says that the state shall not directly or indirectly “burden,” “penalize” or “discriminate” against abortion rights. A judge could certainly rule that Ohio’s policy preventing the state Medicaid program from covering elective abortions either burdens, penalizes, or discriminates against Ohio Medicaid recipients seeking abortions.

They also go on to share: If this amendment passes, then, Ohio’s Medicaid program would likely fund over 9,000 abortions every year. This would represent a tax increase of over $4 million to already overburdened Ohio taxpayers.

No thank you! We must stop the killing and stop this evil from infultrating our beautiful state. Lord have mercy.