Toledo Blade Editorial Board Encourages “NO on Issue 1;” Says it “Goes Too Far and Should Be Defeated”

On Sunday, October 22, The Blade Editorial Board advocated for a “NO VOTE” on Issue 1. Although the editorial emphasized that The Blade has “always supported women’s right to abortion,” they correctly pointed out that, even among the prochoice community, Issue 1 “goes too far and should be defeated.”

Some highlights of the editorial follow:

“This amendment requires us to trust the medical profession — the same medical profession that gave us opioid pill mills and blithely awards certificates for medical marijuana.

Ohio law should allow a doctor to carry out an abortion or an emergency delivery if the mother’s life is in imminent danger, and it shouldn’t require a constitutional amendment to point out that obvious medical reality.

But if a woman goes to an abortion clinic to ask a doctor to approve her abortion because her life or health is in danger, one suspects that the fetus is not the priority.

With just one doctor’s say-so, this amendment would allow late-term elective abortions of nearly fully grown unborn babies, something Ohioans should not be willing to stomach as a constitutional right.”

The editorial shows that, even in the prochoice community, Issue 1 is bad for Ohio. How much more so for those who recognize the sanctity of all life and of family and parental autonomy.