There’s Nothing Pro-Woman About Shoddy Standards For Abortion Pills That Can Kill Them

Despite comprehensive data showing higher rates of complications and emergency room visits from chemical abortion, the abortion pill has been feted by the corporate media, promoted as “safe” by President Joe Biden, and subjected to increasingly lax oversight by the FDA.

All of this makes a little-heralded recent story in Politico even more interesting. An anonymous FDA source warns against the intensifying abortion industry campaign to give abortion pills to women and girls who are not pregnant. Politico quotes the unnamed FDA spokesman expressing concern that this approach poses new health risks to women: “Mifepristone is not approved for advance provision of a medical abortion.”

The anonymous source goes on to list several safety concerns including the inability of doctors to screen for ectopic pregnancy or properly date a pregnancy (abortion pill risks increase exponentially with each week of pregnancy).

There is little sign that the abortion industry cares about these concerns, as even the FDA has given mifepristone glancing affirmation in recent years. In fact, the FDA has been in more or less full retreat from its oversight of mifepristone.

Imagine being a parent and discovering that your 15-year-old daughter has somehow obtained mifepristone and misoprostol via her school, a friend, or the internet. Imagine she is one of the women who endure up to 16 days of hemorrhaging from the drug, or that she is further along than the 10 weeks of pregnancy for which the drug is authorized. Imagine she delivers an extremely premature baby — which by 10 or 11 weeks of gestation will have fingers and toes and more than 4,000 distinct body parts — in the family bathroom, alone, frightened, and weighted with an unerasable memory.

This is increasingly the state of abortion in America. The abortion industry has steadily decreased expert medical care for pregnant women, ignored all standards of prudence, isolated the young without family or counseling support — and, adding insult to injury — devised distribution schemes for abortion pills that will both foster and rely on the absence of public health oversight.

The FDA is right to finally be alarmed, but the hour is late.

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