Some GREAT News!

Today, Cincinnati Right to Life learned that several of the Saturday March 25 pro-abortion ballot signing efforts were cancelled in suburban Cincinnati!

Prayers, phones calls, connecting with people of influence and lawmakers, as well as being trained in the proper way to inform our community led to this terrific news!

People do not want this extreme abortion law in Ohio. CRTL is just beginning to teach people to decline to sign to show in Ohio they do not want tax-funded abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason and for parental notifications to be removed on abortion and other life-altering extreme procedures. Decline to sign if you do not want the advancement of the trans agenda, mislabeled as “fertility care.” Decline to sign if you don’t want to increase the ability for men to abuse women and then coerce an abortion. Decline to sign and teach your friends and loved-ones not to sign as well! We can keep this extreme and dangerous amendment off the ballot in Ohio!


Have you seen the Protect Women Ohio Commercial?