Signatures turned in for the November ballot

The abortion industry of Ohio submits signatures

July 5, 2023
For immediate release:

On the day after we celebrated America’s independence, the Ohio abortion cartel submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, 710,131 signatures of registered Ohio voters from at least 44 counties, supporting the enshrinement of painful, late-term abortions in Ohio’s Constitution.

County officials across the state must determine whether at least 413,487 of those signatures are valid, qualifying the amendment for a popular vote. The deadline for verification of the signatures to be included on the November election is July 20. The Secretary of State then has until July 25 to approve the signatures.

Currently, mothers in Ohio are sold abortions through 22 weeks. Based on the 2021 abortion statistics (the most recent available), at least 500 pre-born sons and daughters are executed by dismemberment, poisoning and starvation each week in the Buckeye State. Ohio’s Heartbeat Law was enacted right after Roe was overturned, but then paused in September, due to a decsion from a Hamilton County judge. During the two and a half months the law was eneacted, it is estimated there were 2,400 fewer pre-born child killings in the state.

In 2021, there were 21,813 victims of abortion in Ohio.
This is almost combined equivalant to the total number of spring 2023 graduates of the
University of Cincinnati (7,359) and
The Ohio State University(12,439).
The graduating classes of 2040 of both universities were essentially wiped out by 2021 Ohio abortions.

Statement from Laura Strietmann, Executive Director of Cincinnati Right to Life, “This radical, no-limits amendment takes away parental rights and would codify abortion through all nine months into Ohio law. It would also remove protections in place that provide proper information and care for pregnant mothers. Ohio, the foundation of the pro-life movement, is a pro-life state and Ohioans should not be confused about what Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are trying to do here.”

Cincinnati Right to Life is grateful for all the volunteers that worked to inform Ohioans about this radical amendment through our “Decline to Sign” efforts. While many voters signed this dangerous proposal, many more were educated on how dangerous this would be for our state. Many more were prevented from signing something they do not understand or believe.

With the August election just a month away, we must continue to educate voters on protecting Ohio’s Constitution from outside special interest groups attempting to keep the pre-born child slaughter happening in Ohio.

We must all remember to VOTE YES ON ISSUE August 8!

We thank our friends from Created Equal for capturing and sharing videos of the deception occurring while signatures were being gathered.