Response To Sisters Advocating For Death

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do
not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven
belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Who remembers the 2010 boycott of Toys R Us after the discovery that corporately, they were major financial supporters of Planned Parenthood, America’s pre-born child killing giants? Six short years later, Toys R Us, America’s long-standing toy store, filed bankruptcy after years of funding and advocating for the killing of their future customers.

Because the LORD knows the way of the just, but the way
of the wicked leads to ruin. Psalm 1:6

In a recent opinion piece authored by nuns known for inconsistencies on authentic Catholic Church teaching, the Ohio cafeteria sisters from several different orders, wrote “We are deeply concerned that recent legal and legislative efforts to criminalize abortion and block access to reproductive care threaten the lives and dignity of women.” And then the lunchroom nuns go on to say these “punitive laws hurt women.”

Threaten the lives? What about the 10,000 little girls in Ohio that annually meet their demise in an abortionist’s vacuum suction machine where they are decapitated, pickled, and ground like beef before being thrown in a landfill?

Hurt women? It is a scientific fact that babies’ hearts beat eighteen days after conception and brain waves have been recorded at six and a half weeks. (If you’re reading this, your life miraculously began this way too!) These precious girls felt pain and were hurt before being dumped as waste. Abortion hurts women. Many woman spend years bearing the pain of child loss from an abortion decision before finding help, hope and healing.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I dedicated you,
a prophet to the nations I appointed you. Jeremiah 1:5

These “pick-your-flavor” sisters go on to invite lawmakers to join them in “human flourishing.” In this invitation they list services and laws, which happen to be redundant on what is already occurring in our state. While pro-lifers are busy advocating for stronger life-affirming laws, we also assist and support life-choices, rather than equating abortion to “healthcare.” Legitimate concerns for the mother do not justify a heinous act.

Maybe these “go-with-the-cultural-flow” sisters need to familiarize themselves with the abundance of pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and other incredible life-affirming resources in southwest Ohio, supported by our generous Greater Cincinnati community. No woman in our community needs an abortion due to lack of support. Our own Catholic Church has launched Walking with Moms in Need, so no mom should ever feel abortion is an option.

Here in our Archdiocese, we are experiencing a restructuring of parishes and schools through “Beacons of Light.” A recent pew study reports the number of Catholics attending Mass after the pandemic has dwindled significantly. The Ohio birth rate had declined for six years straight before experiencing a tiny rise in births. Is this human flourishing? Perhaps real human flourishing would mean the billions of tax-payer dollars given Planned Parenthood would be redirected to life-affirming groups?

“Abortion is profoundly anti-women.
Three-quarters of its victims are women: Half the
babies and all the mothers.” -St. Teresa of Calcutta

Killing your future customers? Never forget Toys R Us. Maybe the cafeteria nuns should listen to a great pro-life Catholic Sister and Saint? Our prayers are directed for this intention, hopefully, yours will be as well.