Republicans can win on abortion if pro-lifers tell their stories

By Christopher Bedford 

Republicans and pro-lifers are in a bind. Republicans have lost several winnable elections since the Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade, with many voters citing abortion as the reason – but the Grand Old Party cannot drop the pro-life cause if it still wants to win nationally. Meanwhile, pro-lifers must face the reality that they need both the American voters on their side, and a majority of Americans don’t yet support a total ban on abortion. The GOP and the pro-life cause are tied together; if they’re to succeed, both will need to strengthen political messaging across the board…………..

Put the woman on camera who was pressured into an abortion, and has regretted it her entire life. Show the woman who’s experienced the pain of infertility. Let her talk about how callous pro-abortion politicians have been with the precious gift of life. Show the adopted child whose mother bravely decided against abortion. Feature the woman who is 18-weeks pregnant, and let her describe to you the child she feels moving inside her womb.

Put the doctor on camera who once performed abortions. Let her walk viewers through an ultrasound, a heartbeat, the baby the size of a grapeseed who grows to the size of a cantaloupe. Let her tell about the baby born at 23 weeks who is now a 6’3″ linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. Or tell the story of the baby who survived the abortion, only to be left to die, gasping for breath unheld on a cold operating table. Let the expectant mother who lost her child when she was hit by a drunk driver speak about what that life meant to her–and how little it means to the Democrat Party.

Let real people tell the joyful and the painful stories alike, straight to the voter. The Democrats have defined what they say is at stake, framing the issue as if it’s about supporting or not supporting women and rape victims.

The pro-life movement needs to let the voters know what’s at
stake here is a lot more real than the feel talk
of “choice” gets across.
They can and must frame the story in real-life terms with real people and real consequences.
Tell the painful truth.
The American people can handle it.
What we cannot handle is another Ohio.