Pro-Life Attorneys Block DC From Destroying Full-Term Aborted Babies Killed in Potentially Illegal Abortions

Thank you friends for your phone calls to Washington! We also thank Congressman Warren Davidson.

In an 11th-hour victory, leading pro-life attorneys have stopped Washington D.C. from destroying the bodies of five full-term aborted babies who were killed in potentially illegal abortions.

Two years ago, pro-life advocates made a horrific discovery when they opened boxes of medical waste from a late-term abortion facility in Washington, D.C. Inside were the bodies of 115 aborted babies, including five who appeared to be nearly full term and possibly victims of illegal partial-birth abortions or infanticide.

However, D.C. officials seemingly have done nothing to investigate the horrific discovery despite repeated calls from U.S. Congressional leaders and pro-life advocates. Undercover investigations exposing other unethical and potentially illegal activity by abortionist Cesare Santangelo and his Washington Surgi-Clinic appear to have gone ignored as well.

Now the lack of justice for these five babies potentially killed in illegal abortions is getting worse. The Biden administration is ordering destruction of the babies’ bodies — which could permanently destroy the criminal evidence. FULL STORY