Our New Commercial

Our Next Ad

The most important election of our lifetime is 6 days away
and we still need your help!
We begin airing this commercial today, extending and emptying our
bank accounts like NEVER before.
As we strategically place this ad to be aired, we are trusting in God that this message reaches more undecided voters before November 7.

We are trusting in God that the generous pro-life community in Southwest Ohio continues to fund the messaging that will move hearts and minds
for the defeat of Issue 1.

There are still many undecided voters-and we need to reach them with the truth! We thank you in advance for your support!

The below commercial is still airing through November 7 as well.

Miracles are happening every day.
Hearts and minds are discovering the truth, and our ads are helping!
We know, we have met voters and have been told!
Pro-life work is grassroots work. Pro-life work is about transforming the culture and teaching the truth about LIFE.

Please share the ads by text and on social media.

We must reach and teach Ohioans about this extreme and radical amendment that enshrines abortion up-to-birth into our Constitution.