Ohio State Supreme Court Rules That Most of Abortion Ballot Language Can Remain

Well look at that! The words “unborn child” appear four times in the ballot language-and you guessed it-the abortionists are not happy the words will remain on the ballot.

From The Messenger: The Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday ordered the state’s Republican-controlled ballot board to reword small sections of the abortion amendment ballot summary language that was approved last month in a 3-2 decision. The decision grants some of the changes sought by abortion rights supporters, but also kept intact some phrases advocates had objected to.

According to the court decision, the board, chaired by GOP Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, is required to change the phrase “citizens of the state of Ohio” to “the state of Ohio.” The term, the court explained, is misleading and the board is now required to “adopt ballot language that accurately describes that the proposed amendment regulates actions of the ‘State.’”

The court ruled that the phrase “unborn child,” a phrase that abortion rights advocates took issue with and described as misleading, may remain in place.