Ohio needs to treat Planned Parenthood the same way Italy treats Domino’s: “We don’t want your franchise here”

If you haven’t heard, Domino’s Pizza recently got major coverage reports because after 7 years, the people of Italy have decided they don’t want Domino’s Pizza in their country anymore.

Being 50% Italian myself, I think this is great. Don’t get me wrong, the amount of times I ordered the 2 for $5.99 pizza special at Domino’s late night while in college is more than I’d be willing to admit. My Italian ancestors would probably be rolling over in their graves if they were to read this.

However, the true Italians, the ones who recognize the difference between real and fake, have sent a loud message to Domino’s and other mainstream pizza franchises, one that says: “We don’t want your franchised pizza here.”

Italians are willing to stick the label “true” on something, something of value that their culture has to offer, an alternative to franchised pizza: real, authentic, cheesy, Italian pizzerias.

Ohioans need to send the same message to Planned Parenthood: “We don’t want your franchised killing centers here.”

Are we willing to stick the label “true” on something? Something as basic and truthful as the fact that life begins at conception and deserves human dignity and respect, and that innocent life does not deserve to be dismembered, ripped apart, or poisoned?

Since the fall of Roe vs. Wade, history is in the making as to what side of the life-death issue states will fall on. The Supreme Court has given people in states the opportunity to have their voice heard more than ever before

We know from former Planned Parenthood workers such as former Director Abby Johnson that Planned Parenthood treats their “nonprofit” as a business, with abortion being their cash cow.

It’s no mystery why Domino’s shut its doors in Italy: the people of Italy affected their bottom line by shopping at other, more authentic Italian pizzerias.

We in Ohio need to do the same thing: affect Planned Parenthood’s bottom line by providing women alternatives to abortion, such as free help at pregnancy centers and information on adoption.

This is why Sidewalk Counseling is so crucial in this battle for LIFE. Sidewalk Counselors are the last effort for a woman to discover alternatives to abortion, to get the free help and support they need, and has the greatest potential for saving lives in this movement! We have a Sidewalk Counseling training day coming up here soon, to register please sign up here!

Not to mention, when women start going to the free care of pregnancy centers over the hundreds of dollars of spending they do at abortion mills, this will ultimately effect Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.

One Italian newspaper commenting on the Domino’s Pizza closing concluded: “Italians don’t like pineapple pizza.” The result was obvious, Domino’s closed its doors.

The United States needs to see Ohio tell Planned Parenthood, “Ohioans don’t like killing babies.” The result will also be obvious, Planned Parenthood will close its doors.

By Johnny Giroux

This article does not in any way intend to associate Domino’s to Planned Parenthood, instead to use the analogy to show Planned Parenthood’s franchise model. We in America love Domino’s…it’s the pro-life pizza!