Ohio: Heartless Heartland

As one state after another embraces the killing of children in the womb, pro-lifers must reconsider their campaign strategies.

The heartland of America embodies the American Dream. America’s heartland is a place where hard work and virtuous living open up a world of opportunities to those willing to try. Until recently, it was also synonymous with a religious and moral people.

Yesterday, Ohio voted to enshrine unlimited abortion into its state constitution following the footsteps of Michigan along with most coastal states.

The map of the vote along with some exit polling paints a pretty clear picture of what happened: the urban and suburban areas along with one rural county where Ohio University is based overwhelmingly chose to legalize child sacrifice, while the rural areas of Ohio chose life.

The only age group that voted against abortion was the 65 and over group. Every other group voted in larger numbers, with the group of millennials and younger being the most pro-abortion of all.

In 2024, citizens of nearly a dozen states will go to the ballots to vote on abortion. Ohio serves as quite possibly the last warning for pro-lifers to seriously revisit their strategy of trying to fight the evil of abortion with one hand tied behind their back. FULL ARTICLE