Kroger Public Awareness Event

Cincinnati Right to Life and Dayton Right to Life are joining forces again this year to have a presence at the grocery giant’s annual shareholders meeting, this Thursday, June 27th from 11am-1pm.

Shortly after the Dobbs decision was announced in 2022, Kroger joined dozens of publicly held companies announcing they would pay up to $4000 in travel costs for any Kroger employee seeking an out of state abortion. Read report here.

In response, both Cincinnati and Dayton Right to Life’s called for a boycott of the grocer and held several protests locally and at their corporate headquarters.

Last year and again this year, Tom Strobhar, a prominent advocate for pro-life shareholder activism and President of the Corporate Morality Action Center, will be present at the shareholder meeting to present a resolution calling for corporate transparency and equal respect for those who motherhood. “By paying to transport women out of state to have an abortion, Kroger has taken a side on this deeply divisive issue. Kroger is grossly insensitive to pro-life employees, shareholders, and customers.” Tom says.

Tom and his company have successfully persuaded over 350 companies to backtrack in financial support to Planned Parenthood.

At last year’s nationwide shareholder meeting Rachel Citak, Board President of Cincinnati Right to Life, stated in her presentation “Funding abortion travel disparages motherhood rather than celebrating it… a company that cannot respect our existence inside the womb should expect our resistance as consumers.”

Please join us this Thursday outside the corporate headquarters of Kroger from 11am-1pm while they hold their annual meeting. Carpools from Dayton will be available. Contact Gary Taphorn for details and times.

If you can’t join us, please consider supporting other grocers such as Fresh Market, Meijer, Walmart, and Publix which will be opening in Northern Kentucky in 2025. These grocers do not fund abortion travel for their employees.

In this era of corporate politicizing, please choose to spend your money supporting companies that respect LIFE!!