Kroger Public Awareness Event

During the June 28, 2024 Kroger annual meeting in downtown Cincinnati, Dayton and Cincinnati Right to Lifes hosted a public awareness campaign on the street in front of the grocery giant’s corporate offices. A group of less than several dozen concerned pro-lifers held signs and passed out fliers to passers-by and even several Kroger employees who were interested in learning more about the company’s pro-abortion policies. There were some excellent educational opportunities and interactions. Thank you to all who participated and prayed! 

We especially thank Tom Strobhar, for his diligence on matters that concern businesses promoting anti-life, anti-woman, anti-child and anti-family policies. A prominent advocate for pro-life shareholder activism and President of the Corporate Morality Action Center, Tom has been an activist against pro-abortion corporate policies, having successfully persuaded over 350 companies to backtrack in financial support to Planned Parenthood. Tom is also an expert on the Catholic Church’s shareholder activism, writing about the lack of the Church’s concern in abortion and pro-life corporate matters. See this news story on our website for Tom’s lengthy article.

Kroger joined dozens of publicly held companies after the June 2022 Dobbs decision in announcing they would pay up to $4000 in travel costs for any Kroger employee seeking an out of state abortion. Read report here. Kroger operates 1,348 stores spread across 17 states in the US. Texas, where abortion is illegal, has 210 Kroger stores, employing thousands. Abortion-free Indiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky have combined locations of 472 Kroger stores. Kroger will pay for their staff to travel from those abortion-free states in order to execute their pre-born son or daughter. Ohio is now a destination state for abortion.

As in the past, Cincinnati Right to Life asks you to consider shopping at grocers other than Kroger, making a statement against Kroger’s pro future customer-killing policies. Customer activism does make a difference. It was just recently announced that Tractor Supply has changed their own anti-traditional family policies as urged by customers.

We cannot forget what happened to Target and Bud Light. We also remind our members about the pro-life coffee company Seven Weeks. CRTL has partnered with this outstanding brand of coffee that supports pro-life causes including us! We have received donations from Seven Weeks the past several months and are grateful for all enjoying the coffee while supporting our work.

You may not be able to join our protests, but you can protest with your wallet.