40 Days for Life Monthly Interim Friday Group Prayer Hour

Jul 28, 2023 7:00PM


In front of Planned Parenthood, 2134 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 513-365-2606

Event Contact Mary Clark | Email

Please join us for an hour of prayer for the intentions of the the pro-life cause. If you are new to public prayer, this is an easy way to start as you will be joining other participants.

At this critical time, we are especially praying for all Ohio pro-lifers to vote on August 8 (or vote early starting July 11th) to raise the threshold to amend the Ohio Constitution from 50% +1 to 60%.  We are also praying that the pro-abortion, pro-transgender groups are not able to amass the number of legitimate signatures needed to place their devastating amendment on the November 7th ballot.  Raising the threshold to the amend the Ohio Constitution to 60% will be helpful in defeating the pro-abortion amendment if it makes it onto the November ballot.

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