House Overrides Governor DeWine’s HB 68 Veto

By a margin of 65-28 the Ohio House of Representatives voted today to override Governor DeWine’s veto of House Bill 68. The bill includes the Save Women’s Sports Act and the SAFE (Saving Adolescents From Experimentation) Act.

Cincinnati Right to Life stood with other Ohio pro-life organizations urging an override of the veto. From our earliest days, Cincinnati Right to Life has stood against Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion, anti-person agenda which tragically now includes being a top advocator and provider of gender altering harm to minors and adults. Planned Parenthood believes abortion and gender mutilation “go hand in hand” while also believing a child as young as two can be questioning their gender.

The state of Ohio is one step closer to keeping biological men out of women’s sports while also banning drugs that chemically castrate children and young adults which will keep Planned Parenthood from profiting from this anti-human ideology.

The Ohio Senate will be meeting on January 24 and your Senator needs to hear you support the veto. Please email and call. Find your State Senator here.