God Bless America!

Independence Day
July 4, 2022

By the grace of God we have begun to correct the error of abortion in our nation.

On June 24, 2022 the actual words of the Constitution were yielded to by SCOTUS when they overturned the atrocity of the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. States and the Congress can now begin to pass laws upholding the sanctity of human life.

On this birthday of our great nation, Ohio babies with a heartbeat are protected in their mother’s wombs. Cincinnati Right to Life is committed to protecting all life from the moment of conception until natural death. Our work continues with this mission.

As we celebrate our nation’s Independence
we want to draw attention to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers
and the Declaration of Independence.

Pope St. John Paul II described it beautifully
in a 1997 visit with American diplomats:

“Reading the founding documents of the United States, one has to be impressed by the concept of freedom
they enshrine: a freedom designed to enable people to fulfill their duties and
responsibilities toward the family and toward the common good of the community.
Their authors clearly understood that there could be no true freedom without moral responsibility and accountability,
and no happiness without respect and support for the
natural units or groupings through which people exist, develop, and seek
the higher purposes of life in concert with others.”

Let us help our fellow citizens remember that freedom
requires responsibility. All of us need to work to keep Freedom alive
for all Americans, born and unborn.

When we ALL have the freedom to live in a family and in a country that values life
and all accepts the responsibilities that go with that
— we fulfill our Creators purpose for humankind.

Freedom is not merely a word or an abstract theory, but the most effective instrument for advancing the welfare of man – John F. Kennedy