Do Your Friends Know to VOTE NO on Issue 1?

Early voting is open in Ohio. We must VOTE No on Issue 1, the extreme and dangerous pro-abortion amendment that would enshrine abortion up to the moment of birth and on demand in Ohio’s constitution.

Tell your friends:

Issue 1 will allow abortion at any point in pregnancy, for any reason.

Don’t want a baby boy, you wanted a girl? You can ABORT!

Don’t want a baby that is “perfect” in the eyes of society? You can ABORT!

Don’t feel financially prepared? You can ABORT!

Don’t want to be pregnant again? You can ABORT!

This is why Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine opposes Issue 1, saying it “goes too far.”

This is why over 100 black faith and community leaders oppose Issue 1.

This is why Ohio’s Catholic leaders oppose Issue 1.

This is why Sen. J.D. Vance opposes Issue 1.

Share the truth with all you know! A legal analysis is here and here.

red line analysis of the language is a great teaching tool for all Ohio voters!

VOTE NO on Issue 1!