Democrats Don’t Want You To Know How Moderate Trump’s Abortion Stance Is

By David Harsanyi, April 10, 2024, The Federalist

Abortion on demand, for any reason, until birth, funded by taxpayers.

That’s the modern left’s position on the issue. Democrats are so dug into their extremism that they can’t even support bills that compel “doctors” to keep babies who survive a homicide attempt alive.

Perhaps most American voters don’t care enough. Maybe most voters aren’t even aware of the modern left’s radicalism. The political media might be plagued by partisan mediocrity, but when it comes to abortion, they have demonstrated an unmatched competency in misleading the public.

This week, Donald Trump released a statement contending that the abortion issue should be left to the states and refused to endorse any federal law. Because his position is inconveniently restrained, the Joe Biden campaign was compelled to focus on the former president’s flip-flops on the issue.

And virtually every outlet followed the president’s lead, zeroing in on Trump’s inconsistency. The Washington Post laid out “How Trump’s abortion stance has shifted over the years.” NBC News wrote up a “A timeline of Trump’s many, many positions on abortion.” “Why Trump Will Keep Flip-Flopping on Abortion in 2024,” explains a Time magazine headline. “13 times Trump’s abortion position shifted over the last 25 years,” appeared on CNN. And so on.

Fair enough. Trump is obviously taking a politically expedient position meant to diffuse the issue among independents and moderates. And it’s no great pronouncement to say that Trump isn’t any kind of social conservative.

Whatever he believes or doesn’t, the former president worked with pro-life and pro-Constitution groups to put three originalist judges on the court because his constituents wanted him to do it. That court, perhaps the last properly functioning institution in the country, overturned one of the most preposterous and deadly decisions in American history. FULL STORY

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David Harsanyi is a senior editor at The Federalist.