CRTL Statement on Betrayal in Columbus

Cincinnati Right to Life is extremely frustrated, and worse, with what happened in Columbus. Our organization, honoring fifty years of supporting authentically pro-life politicians, is especially displeased with candidates endorsed by our PAC.

The reality is, preborn babies in our state continue to be slaughtered daily, due to power struggles and personality conflicts among our politicians. We pray and work for a day when pride is left at the door and the mission of saving lives is priority. This situation of the “coup” shows we are far from our elected officials making the preborn a priority even though they run as “pro-life” and seek endorsements locally and statewide. Roe is overturned, there is opportunity like never before to make Ohio abortion-free.

Democrats work to keep the abortion mills in Ohio churning and the abortionists’ pockets lined with profit from the blood of the preborn. It is unacceptable any “pro-life politician” would side with a party who hangs their hat on the lie that abortion is “healthcare.”