CCO Statement Regarding Ohio Catholic Hospitals and Miscarriage Care

The Catholic Conference of Ohio issued the following statement on October 13:

Over thirty Catholic hospitals, providing care to millions of patients in Ohio, affirm their commitment to delivering comprehensive healthcare for women and preborn children during pregnancy complications. 

Contrary to common misconception, neither Catholic religious directives nor any state law restrict Catholic hospitals from responding to pregnancy complications. Catholic hospitals provide comprehensive miscarriage care, treatment for ectopic pregnancies, and perform other life-saving measures through medical procedures in life-threatening circumstances.

Catholic hospitals play a critical role in maintaining public health. Regardless of the passage or failure of Issue 1 in November, the care they provide during a miscarriage or other pregnancy complications will remain comprehensive and committed to the well-being of mothers and preborn children. This commitment is an expression of respect for the dignity of all human beings and is central to their mission to carry out Jesus’s ministry of love and healing in the world today.