This time it is back to Hamilton County.

Reported by our friends at Columbus RTL

Nothing is sacred to the abortion-obsessed at the ACLU. They filed their first lawsuit attacking Ohio’s law as it relates to informed consent before an abortion on Good Friday. Today, just days before Mother’s Day, they filed another motion that would eliminate Ohio’s requirement that only a physician provide the abortion pill, the requirement that the abortion pill be provided in person after there has been an opportunity to detect an ectopic pregnancy (which can be dangerous and is not resolved by the abortion pill), and Ohio’s requirement that the abortion pill be provided as required when the FDA approved the drug.

The timing here is not a coincidence. To make this announcement (again) late in the day on a Friday takes advantage of what is commonly known to be a very short news cycle. Moreover, it has been more than six months since Issue 1 passed, and 155 days since it became effective.

So why this timing? It is certainly a morbid and ghoulish way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but perhaps appropriate for a crowd that wants to reduce motherhood and children to nothing more than a choice. In the process they not only diminish the joy and beauty of motherhood, but also they mock the tears of those who deeply mourn a motherhood lost in a myriad of ways.

There will be a number of theories as to why today, and why this timing. Here is one: They are slowly but surely doing exactly what we said they would: eliminating common sense health and safety protocols that a majority of Ohioans support, attacking parental involvement before children engage in life-altering procedures, and expanding abortion-on-demand through all 9 months of pregnancy.

Last year, thousands of people were told that Issue 1 was a Trojan Horse disguised as the status quo, but it would go much further. They trotted out partisan hacks masquerading as legal scholars who said this was not true, and these arguments were dismissed and even mocked by the media and the public. But it is exactly what they are doing.

While we will notice, the Ohio abortion cartel are hoping that the majority of the voting public will not, especially in this election year. And if we are not careful, they will get away with it. To be very clear, this amendment to their legal strategy would be dangerous for women by allowing non-physicians to provide the abortion pill, eliminate the requirement that a woman have an in-person appointment where she can be checked for an ectopic pregnancy before being given the abortion pill, and eliminate the safeguards that help protect women from being drugged with the abortion pill without their knowledge. This is happening even while abortion activists are launching an all-out assault on the safe practice of abortion pill recovery.

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