Back to Hamilton County

The loss of Issue 1 in Ohio on November 7 delivered the first legal blow to babies in the womb on Friday evening, December 15, 2023. In a slip decision, the Ohio Supreme Court dismissed A.G. Yost’s appeal in Preterm-Cleveland v. Yost (2023).

After 8+ long years of Ohioans working to protect innocent preborn human life in the Buckeye state, Ohio’s Heartbeat Law was signed by Governor DeWine in April of 2019. The abortion cartel quickly appealed and the law was put on hold by Federal Judge Michael Barrett.

When Roe was overturned by the Dobbs decision in June of 2022, abortions of preborn babies with beating hearts came to a halt in Ohio as the Heartbeat Law went into effect. The vacuum suction machines in Ohio were quieted and the bloodshed halted. While the violent killing machines were quieted, the number of abortions diminished significantly and the total number of Ohio abortions in 2022 were reduced 15%.

Two and a half months after the Heartbeat Law went into effect, a Hamilton County Appeals Court judge ruled against the law and the decapitating of the preborn began again.

Because of the Ohio Supreme Court’s Friday evening ruling, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Christian Jenkins will now hear the case on the Heartbeat Law in his court again. It is expected that the judge will rule in the next several weeks.

“Cincinnati Right to Life has worked to defend innocent preborn babies for half a century and our conviction to continue to teach and educate on the violence of abortion remains unwavering. As we strategize for 2024 and beyond, we share the sentiments of our partners at Dayton Right to Life: For too long we have allowed the murder of our preborn children to be a political chip that is bargained away, time and again, by our elected officials. It’s time we change directions to fight this evil in our community.” shares Laura Strietmann, Executive Director of Cincinnati Right to Life.