And so it begins….creating a culture of death in Ohio, one lawsuit at a time.

The for-profit abortion businesses have filed a lawsuit in Franklin County against Ohio’s 24-hour abortion waiting period and against Ohio’s informed consent laws.

It is no coincidence this lawsuit was filed on Good Friday.

Cincinnati Right to Life will have more to share next week, but we did tell you so. The abortion industry wants to profit and kill. The abortion industry wants to dismember and mutilate pre-born children. Yes, for profit, but yes, killing for the sake of killing has become part of their mantra. Holy Saturday is the perfect day to reflect on the level of evil contained by the child sacrifice industry.

From  New lawsuit seeks to eliminate Ohio’s 24-hour waiting period for abortions

13 states have waiting periods of 24-hours or more for abortions. Waiting periods for this violent, deadly procedure SAVE LIVES. Yes, of the babies, but of the moms too.

Please continue your Easter prayers for pro-lifers who will be battling this atrocity.