Ambulance at Planned Parenthood Last Week

Cincinnati, Ohio – Cincinnati Right to Life received a phone call last week from a long time Auburn Ave. sidewalk prayer champion. As this dedicated volunteer was praying, he witnessed an ambulance arrive in an emergency at this killing facility that violently dismembers preborn children up to 22 weeks gestation. Ambulances responding here are tragically a normal occurrence at this for-profit business in Clifton.

We do not have a recording of the 911 call yet, but hope to obtain the records where it is quite likely the mother who was told the procedure was “safe,” experienced a terrible reaction to the bloody and painful reality of abortion. Not only is her unique and unrepeatable baby dead, this mom suffered some sort of an emergency during this horrific procedure that was bad enough to need an ambulance transport to a hospital. Please pray for this poor mom as well as the abortionists that turn their gazes from the death and evil of removing sweet babies from wombs in bloody pieces.

Very often ambulances are called to abortion businesses. In Illinois at another late term killing facility, emergency vehicles were called twice in November. This facility near the border of Missouri, an abortion-free state, takes the lives of preborn babies in the third trimester.

In Ohio, from June 25 through September 15, 2022 the suffocation, dismemberment and poisoning of the preborn was halted due to Ohio’s Heartbeat Law being enacted when Roe was overturned. It is estimated that over 550 babies in Cincinnati, and over 2,400 babies state-wide were spared during this historical Ohio abortion-free time.

We must pray for our state lawmakers in this post-Roe lame duck session. We must pray that stronger pro-life bills protecting life at conception are passed and all abortion in our state ends. When will Ohio become like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Tennessee?