Abortion is Biden’s Priority-but NOT Ohio’s

Last week, Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address put abortion front and center on the list of his administration’s priorities. Biden called the victories that we’ve won protecting the precious right to life an “assault on freedom.”

Cincinnati Right to Life expressed in a previous communication the tragedy of the President pushing his abortion agenda on Americans and highlighting the tragedy of abortion at his SOTU.

We thank Congressman Warren Davidson (OH-8) for working with Cincinnati Right to Life and for hosting Ohio-born guest Pastor Ron Archer. Congressman Davidson stood for life in contradiction to Biden’s pro-death optics that ruled last’ week’s event.

Congressman Davidson shared last week, “I am excited to be joined by Pastor Ron Archer tonight as my guest at the State of the Union. Ron is an exemplary American. He serves his community as a leader in the church and a champion in the pro-life movement with an amazing personal story as a three-time abortion survivor. I look forward to being joined by him for tonight’s proceedings, and I look forward to continuing to build a relationship with him.”

After the event, Congressman Davidson shared, “Failure was on full display in tonight’s State of the Union. Tonight, we saw that the Biden Administration clearly plan for more government and more failure. To restore a government small enough to fit within the Constitution, one we can afford, Americans need more freedom and less government.”

Congressman Davidson was a champion for the pre-born on a night where the slaughter of innocents was paraded as healthcare.