A Tragedy Exploited to Keep Killing the Pre-born

This time last year, for just over a week, Roe had been placed in the ash heap of history. Ohio’s Heartbeat Law was now enacted and lights were dimmed at all Ohio killing businesses whose customers typically were sold abortions after hearts had started beating.

Pro-lifers possessed great hope that our culture could begin to do a 180 with this battleship of death. Surely, if the abortion industry of Ohio could only kill the preborn before 6 weeks, they would close their doors for good soon, right?

Almost immediately, devastated from the defeat and the thought of not being able to continue to keep the vacuum suction machines dismembering and exploiting, abortion activists grabbed hold of a devastating situation from Ohio. A little girl had been raped and taken across state lines to Indiana for the abortion. Every part of this story is tragic. You cannot read or think about this without holding back tears or without straining to keep your breakfast in check. Lord have mercy. If you have seen Sound of Freedom, you may even be more sickened.

There have been two rulings in the past few weeks, providing some sort of “justice” for this revolting, evil tragedy. In May, the abortionist that killed the pre-born child of the Ohio girl, was found guilty on 3 of 5 charges. The abortionist received a fine and other disciplinary action for revealing the story to the press while the child remained in the hospital in a post-abortive condition.

The abortionist, who has a coat-hanger tattooed on her leg, did not lose her medical license for her role in this tragedy. She was not reprimanded for sending the little girl victim of the crimes back to Ohio with the rapist, where the child remained with the rapist another 5 days after the abortion. The abortionist was not reprimanded for misreporting the age of the rapist as 17, not 27.

This abortionist continues to victimize women and kill the pre-born, but not for long, due to the ruling from the Indiana Supreme Court, allowing their Heartbeat Law to go into effect. Praise God! Great work Indiana! May Ohio soon follow your lead! Let us pray this abortionist does not move to Ohio upon closing her Indiana chop-shop.

The other piece of justice in this tragedy, is the life sentence for the criminal who raped the child at least two times. The family made a plea deal in order to avoid trial and escape the news this story would attract. We pray for their peace.

May this dear sweet child begin to heal from this combined tragedy. Her violent rapes. Her violent abortion. Her public exploitation. For this we pray. 

This story demonstrates how important wins in the August and November elections are to Ohio for the prevention of rape cover-up, child trafficking and sex-slavery here at home. We MUST protect women and children in Ohio.