We Gave it Our All

And many of you did too. Cincinnati Right to Life is beyond grateful.

From Laura Strietmann, Executive Director

Exactly one week later, it is still hard to write about what lies ahead for Ohio women and their pre-born children. Words are not easy right now. Tears are easy right now. Stomach knots are easy too. Heartache is also easy. Seventeen years of serving women and families in unexpected pregnancies provides a unique perspective on the reality of what abortion does to women and of course their babies. Abortion hurts women. Abortion kills children. Ohio has enshrined this in our Constitution.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda was part of a brief thought with this Issue 1 loss. We gave our time, our talent, and thousands of you gave your treasures (THANK YOU!) in the effort to keep abortion up to birth out of Ohio. In discussions among friends and fellow broken-hearted Ohioans, we traced a shoulda, woulda, coulda all the way back to the garden. The problem is just that enormous.

In the words of Msgr. Richard C. Antall“The vote should be a revelation to us: we live among barbarians who do not care about human life in the womb. In the Bible, there was worship of the evil god Moloch, to whom the firstborn of the Canaanites was ritually sacrificed in fire. Modern-day worshippers of Moloch propose abortion as something compassionate, and they get sentimental about destroying human life in the womb, even if that life is viable or capable of living outside the mother.”

Abortion is a crime, and all who voted for this amendment made themselves accomplices to a crime against humanity. They cannot plead ignorance in this case; the teaching of the Church was crystal clear. “Your sin is now the shame of Ohio.” May God forgive them, but that implies true repentance, and much harm has been done.” finishes Mnsgr. Antall.

The desire of the abortion cartel and pro-abortion politicians, is as bad as we said it was. It is being revealed. It may even be worse than we warned.

Cincinnati Right to Life stands strong and committed and we continue to rely on our entire community as we look forward, not back. We will build a culture of life, even in these dark days ahead. Combined with prayer and sacrifice, we know looking forward is our only option. We are honored to carry the torch for life and bring all of you with us. You are our community that will help light the way as we rescue women and babies.