Roe is in the ash heap of history, yet our lawmakers in Ohio have not been able to end abortion. (500 babies die each week by abortion in Ohio)
This is what happens.
Babies die, and women face the risk of death.

40 Days for Life prayer partners witnessed a horrible scene on Auburn Ave. today. At 1:15 p.m. on Thursday, March 30, an ambulance with sirens and lights tore into Planned Parenthood’s lot. The drivers sadly waved at the camera while they hurried their stretcher into the killing facility. Less than 6 minutes later, a woman was removed by stretcher, and the ambulance hurried away with lights again. Let us pray for this mom and her deceased son or daughter. We are also called to “love our enemies” so we must pray for the abortionists that sell this sickening procedure to women and then profit while harming them forever.

Will the killing end in Ohio? Your move lawmakers, the people fight hard each and every day to bring forth proper legislation. The people fight and witness to protect life, will you? This is what happens when abortion laws are left in place.