Martin Haskell’s Kettering facility CLOSED all week – maybe longer

Martin Haskell’s
Pre-born Child Death Facility in Kettering
Remains Closed this Week!

In the week we remember the tragic Roe v Wade decision of 1973,
a notorious abortion business owned by the pioneer of the
partial birth abortion, Martin Haskell, is CLOSED!

We have big news this week from our colleagues at Dayton Right to Life. Martin Haskell’s notorious late-term abortion mill in Kettering has been closed all week and likely will remain closed for some time. The clinic did not open as expected on Monday after the weekend. Moms have not been entering the building and likely are being referred elsewhere. It is apparent that the building suffered major damage over the weekend, almost certainly from a burst water pipe due to the freezing temperatures.

SERVPRO vehicles and workers have been there continuously and by Tuesday two dumpsters (see pic) were placed right outside the front door. Workers were seen today tossing what look like pieces of drywall into the dumpsters. If water damage is the cause, the building will require drying out, a check of all electrical wiring, installation of new drywall, and a further check for mold, all of which could add up to several weeks. Praise God for the babies who will be saved!

In the meantime, we expect many of those mothers to be referred to Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati. We can use more prayer warriors on the sidewalk in Mount Auburn effective immediately! Please pray that these women will have second thoughts and decide against abortion!

Many women who are hesitant about an abortion decision look for a “sign” not to have the abortion. Let us pray that the closed preborn child dismemberment business being closed is a SIGN! In fact, a big flashing sign for many moms! May their children live to tell they were saved from a burst pipe. God works in mysterious ways!

Eighteen years from now, one of these saved babies could be graduating high school and moving on to be an adult that makes a huge mark in the world. We know that each one of these babies is already a son or daughter created with a unique plan and purpose in the image and likeness of God. Each one of these babies matters and was chosen.

The Wednesday before Christmas, sidewalk warriors in Kettering witnessed many large heavy, red boxes filled with the remains of the killed babies being taken away to be incinerated in Indiana. On that same day, less than a week before Christ’s birthday, moms were killing their little girls and boys, robbing them of the joy of life and a first Christmas next year.

In 2022 there were 3,191 abortions reported in Montgomery County (this facility). With those numbers, that averages 62 weekly abortions. There are the remains of 62 babies in these boxes.

May this building of death and destruction stay closed for a long time. May we all pray for the abortion workers that perform and assist in the death of so many cherished little babies.

We can never forget Cincinnati Right to Life’s 2023 keynote speaker, and former late-term abortionist Dr. John Bruchalski. Dr. John shared that he knows for a fact it was the prayers of so many that caused his change of heart from a pro-abortion doctor to a pro-life doctor. Miracles do happen. For this we pray.