Margaret Sanger Wanted to “Exterminate” Black People, Kamala Harris is Continuing Her Mission

Opinion by Catherine Davis, March 18, 2024,

Since placing their population control target on the backs of black women and their children, Planned Parenthood has perfected the Negro Project their founder launched in 1939.

For decades, they fought to diminish the eugenic, racist beliefs of Margaret Sanger shrouding her in rhetoric suggesting she was a “trailblazer” whose race animus was “complex.”

In recent years Planned Parenthood broadened the influencer base to include black elected officials paid to straighten out the idea they want to exterminate blacks.  In a nation where skin color has been wielded as a weapon of division, it is difficult to fathom how any elected official can openly hob nob with an organization that admits it is built on a foundation of systemic racism and white supremacy. In 2020 they no longer felt the need to continue the coverup and several Planned Parenthoods boldly acknowledged their racist history simultaneously acknowledging they had caused reproductive harm within communities of color.

The evolution of reproductive healthcare language has begun to take hold in the nation and Kamala Harris, vice president of the United States has continued her membership in the Negro Project in order to avert “…a very serious health crisis” created by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Despite the push by Planned Parenthood and the vice president to legitimize the taking of innocent life by cloaking it in reproductive healthcare language, the baby in the womb is not a disease to be gotten rid of, nor is taking the life of the baby a remedy for psychological stress related to pregnancy.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health since 2008 over 159,000 children have lost their lives to abortion. Over 39,000 of those children were black.

Just as the Democrats did during the KKK’s reign of terror, the Vice President supports and celebrates the organization that has helped abortion become the leading cause of death in the black community.

“Black women have been targeted by Planned Parenthood and are the leading consumers of abortion in America. Kamala Harris has made history by being touted as the first black woman to become vice president and the first vice president to tour an abortion facility. She does not recognize that America’s black women are worth more and deserve better than abortion,” said Angela Minter of Sisters for Life.

Pastor Denise Walker of Rich in Mercy Abortion and Miscarriage Recovery in Minnesota believes Kamala Harris should be ashamed of herself for stumping for Planned Parenthood. “It is appalling how Black political and religious leaders, especially in the Democrat party, continue to encourage the extermination of innocent Black people in the womb. Unfortunately, Kamala is the rule and not the exception in the blood lust war on babies — especially Black babies.”

“Planned Parenthood rips apart black babies in the most horrific ways, brutally slaughtering them in the name of reproductive healthcare. Kamala Harris, a brown woman, touring that facility is a slap in the face of every woman reproductively harmed by the largest abortion provider in the nation,” said Day Gardner of the National Black Pro-life Union. Black women are no longer buying the proabortion hype. We are circling the wagons to protect our own.”

Catherine Davis is the head of the Restoration Project.